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Shining The Spotlight

Tex Kelly

Over the past few years, I've amassed over 4 million online followers across multiple channels from TikTok to YouTube, creating more than 2,000 videos and immersing myself in the entertainment industry from 2021 to the present. A significant part of this journey involved creating with my dad for 8 months in 2021 before he suddenly passing. My dad was my best friend and is someone I reflect deeply upon every single day. He's influenced my entire life and continues to do so. Following his passing, I continued producing content on my own channels and while I've successfully built a substantial brand in the online world, the experience hasn't been the same for me and probably never will no matter the height of it. There are incredibly similar sparks of joy though!

One reason I persist in this journey is due to the fans who supported both my dad and me during the good times, as well as offering love and support during the challenging moments over the past few years. The growth has been extraordinary, marked by consistent achievement of new milestones. Initially, I created content to provide a distraction for people in their daily lives. However, the shift towards producing deep and relatable content emerged because I didn't want to feel isolated in my experiences and it's led to me connecting with millions of people in meaningful ways. It's inspired me again and I wouldn't be here without this community.

Although I've enjoyed creating the comedic pieces for which I became known, the creative process lacked the same fulfillment for a while. Upon reflection, the reason became apparent—I wasn't creating content and, by extension, memories behind the scenes with people I love. My love for my dad is profound, and watching a video allows me to reminisce about the days and moments spent filming with him, my mom and my brother. I started incorporating people I love into my content to capture and create more memories and it's brought not just another level of love for creating for myself but also for others.

Everything that's happened over the past few years has guided me on a storytelling journey, where I aim to capture meaningful moments with and for others. While I once felt like I was in the spotlight, I now find genuine enjoyment in being the one shining that light on others. My aspiration is to make people feel special when they see a photo or video I've captured of them. Recognizing that these moments will hold greater significance in the future, I pour my soul into every shot taken. This form of storytelling has truly invigorated a piece of my heart that's felt empty for a long time. 


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